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JC News - Anime & Game Culture


Hello! We are Mato and Shizu.Do you like an Japanese animation and a comic?This application "JC" introduces a Japanese animation and news of a radio actor, a toy and a game.It's renewed every day, so please check it!!We'll update the latest news of Japanese animation, game, manga, and young-adult fiction, character figure, radio actor and a gourmet!
◆ Update JC news(Japanese Culture News)every day!We, Mato and Shizu, 2nd grade junior high school student, will pick up the latest news from news sites, official sites and 2 Channel summary sites every day!
◆ You can choose news by yourself!"Animation" "game" "cartoon” “young-adult fiction" "Japanese hobby" "radio actor" "gourmet" and more!You can choose your favorite news from the news picked up by administrators.You can even sort news.
◆ Fully refreshed!Tons of Kawaii illustrations and cool photos are posted.Layout has been sorted tight to be user friendly.
◆ Overcome the information war!JC News lets you search what you want. You can pick up from the latest news in the morning to old news, anywhere, and any time.
◆ Share us as much as possibleFavorite news is easily shared on Twitter and Facebook! Let your Otaku friend know of us!
◆ Swiping with one handYou can do a go-back with swiping easily even for switching categories. It does not matter even if you on bus or train, enjoyable anywhere.
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